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Kinds of Funeral Flowers Arrangements

June 1st, 2011

No matter when you hear the news of somebody’s demise or no matter what kind of funeral service it is, funeral flowers arrangements are always universal and soothing. It may be a funeral service at a church or a memorial service. Many florists even offer services where you can send flowers out of town. There are many kinds of funeral flowers arrangements available to choose from. These along with a well worded card, works wonders in condoling the family.

A funeral is a very sad, sober occasion. Flowers used in a person’s funeral ceremony should not be too bright or showy. Arrangements should be so big that they overwhelm the people. There are several kinds of funeral flowers arrangements that can be used. The choice of flowers and arrangements depends upon the family and the choice of the deceased.Funeral Flowers Arrangements

Colours and their significance Funeral Flowers Arrangements

•    White: White symbolizes love, purity and hope. White floral arrangements give a very serene and calm look to the atmosphere. White when combined with deep green foliages. Gives a perfect look to this sad ceremony

•    Bright colours: Bright Colours add a lot of life to this gloomy occasion. Bright colours should be used if the person who passed away was a outgoing, gregarious person.  Oranges, yellows, reds and pinks can be used in such a case.

•    Springtime fresh flowers: Spring time flowers signify hope and rebirth. Using fresh springtime colours adds a little bit of cheer to the otherwise sombre occasion. Fresh Daffodils, lilies and wild flowers are perfect in such a scenario.

•    Pastel colours: Soft peaches pinks and yellows are perfect for a woman. They look very feminine and pristine.

There are four types of funeral flowers arrangements which are normally uses in a funeral home

•    A bouquet

A bouquet is sent to a funeral home to show the bereaved family that you care. Flowers always brighten up the gloomiest of days.

•    Wreaths: wreaths or bouquets of flowers placed on easels also work as good tokens of condolence to the family of the bereaved.

•    Inside Casket Pieces
The near and dear ones of the bereaved often put beautiful floral pieces inside the casket. Garlands are a popular choice in this case. Bouquets of the deceased person’s favourite flowers are also used at times.

•    Casket Sprays
Casket sprays are of two kinds. Full length casket sprays are used to cover the casket from top to bottom and the half length casket sprays are used for the half open casket. White flowers are normally used to decorate the casket.Funeral Flowers Arrangements

Funeral Flowers Arrangements

People often use bouquets in the shape of a heart or a cross mounted on an easel to express their devotion to the person who passed away. Flowers are the best way to express love and feelings for the departed soul. They are a symbol of life and love. They symbolize a life well lived. When all words fail, funeral flowers arrangements offer heartfelt sympathy, condolences and love for the bereaved family.

Some Funeral Flowers Arrangement Ideas

May 28th, 2011

Organizing funeral flower arrangements is not a happy job. This task is normally undertaken by a near and dear one. Spouses or children of the deceased normally take up the task of arranging for flowers. If you are planning to order flowers for someone’s funeral, it is a good idea to talk to the family about it first.

Funeral Flowers ArrangementsFuneral Flowers Arrangements

Funeral flowers arrangements can be very simple, pristine white or it could be personalized according to the taste of the deceased and the weather. White orchids or roses are most commonly used in funerals as they symbolize purity. Orchids are also a symbol of wisdom, beauty and love and therefore several exotic varieties of orchids are often seen in funeral services.


The funeral flowers arrangements can be personalized according to the deceased person’s taste. Carnations could be used for a person who loved them. The deceased person’s favourite colour could be kept in mind while choosing the colour scheme of the flowers. Nice and bright hues could be used for somebody who loved gardening or was fond of nice bright colours.

A casket arrangement is the one which sits on top of the casket. The casket arrangement holds a lot of sentimental values for the family members. They normally prefer doing the casket arrangement on their own.

There are two types of casket arrangements:

•    A lid casket spray also known as full couch casket spray
This arrangement is covers the entire length of the casket.

•    Half couch casket spray
It is usually used when the half open casket is used.

A funeral flowers arrangements could be of the following types:Funeral Flowers Arrangements 


•    Simple and serene: simple white flowers with deep green leaves are ideal for a funeral. They have symbolic value and suit the sombre mood of the gathering the best.

•    Bright and warm: bright shades like oranges, reds and yellows can be used to decorate the casket. This looks best if the deceased was fond of bright colours. This palette of colours works best during summer time.

•    Pretty: Soft colours like peaches, pinks and lemon yellows could be used to decorate the casket. This looks extremely pretty and is ideal for a woman’s funeral because this whole colour scheme is extremely feminine.

Funeral Flowers Arrangements Ideas

Flowers are a perfect way of expressing sympathy. While taking flowers to a funeral, one should ensure that the flowers chosen are not too showy. The size of the arrangement is an important factor. Overwhelming shapes and sizes don’t look too good in such scenarios.

While sombre, soft shades provide serenity and calmness to the whole gathering, warm hues remind the family of the deceased that life must go on.  Flowers on the whole, bring life to a gloomy atmosphere and are a pleasant distraction from the whole distressing situation. Bright spring time colours symbolize rebirth and hope. If you miss the funeral by any chance, always make sure you send flowers to the family home. Funeral flowers arrangements, it will only tell them that you cared and still care for them.

Traditional Funeral Flowers Arrangements

May 28th, 2011

Flowers have been a part of funeral ceremonies for ages. Flowers not only show respect for the deceased but they also add a little hope to the gloomy atmosphere of the funeral home. Funeral flowers arrangements should be simple and sober. They should not be too showy. Irrespective of whether you attend the funeral or not, it is always a good idea to send or take flowers to the funeral home.

Traditional Flowers Used In Funeral Flowers ArrangementsFuneral Flowers Arrangements

There are certain flowers which are traditionally used in funerals. They have symbolic value. People often choose non-traditional flowers which were the deceased person’s favourites. Certain traditional flowers used in funeral flowers arrangements are listed below.
•    Chrysanthemums: chrysanthemums are traditionally symbols of death. They have been used in funeral homes for ages. They are available in a large number of colours to suit the bereaved family’s taste. Some of the colours available are yellow, white, pink, tan and burgundy. Chrysanthemums are also used as wreaths or casket pillows.

•    Lilies: These beautiful flowers represent innocence of the soul of the person who died. Lilies can prove to be a little expensive but look extremely beautiful when used in funeral flower arrangements. Asiatic or oriental lilies have become a very popular choice these days. White longiflorum lilies when woven into a sheet, are perfect for a ceremony of this kind.

•    Iris: Iris signifies faithfulness and hope. Available all around the year, these tiny blue flowers are used to complement white ones to make beautiful funeral flower arrangements.

•    Gladiolas: gladiolas signify a divine soul. The willingness to open up to the divine power. Gladiolas are used in a variety of colours.

Manners and Etiquettes Funeral Flowers Arrangements

There are certain manners and etiquettes that should be kept in mind when sending funeral flowers arrangements

•    The timing of sending flowers should be kept in mind, if you are going to the funeral ceremony, take the flowers with you otherwise make sure you send the flowers before your first visitation.

•    The kind of funeral flower arrangement should be kept in mind. If you are taking flowers to the church, take a sheaf. If you are sending flowers home, a basket or a vase is a good idea.

•    Certain families prefer donations made in the honour of the deceased instead of flowers. If so, they normally mention it in the funeral announcement. Keep the family’s wishes in mind.

•    Local traditions should be kept in mind while choosing flowers. Japanese prefer yellow chrysanthemums while Asians prefer white flowers.

•    Avoid casket flower arrangements unless you are very close to the deceased. Most families wish to do up the casket themselves due to sentimental reasons.

•    It’s a good idea to send flowers to the funeral home even a month after the death, to remind the family that you still care for them.

Funeral Flowers Arrangements

No matter when you hear the news of somebody’s demise or no matter what kind of funeral service it is, flowers are always universal and soothing. It may be a funeral service at a church or a memorial service. Many florists even offer services where you can send flowers out of town. There are many kinds of funeral flower arrangements available to choose from. These along with a well worded card, works wonders in condoling the family.

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